Monday, June 30, 2014

Maternity Photos - The Glam Bump!

Hey ya'll!

I know I'm a bit in-between posts regarding this growing bump, but I wanted to share some of our maternity photos! We got to work with Michelle Alena Magnoli Photography, the same photographer we used for our Save the Date pictures, and our Engagement pictures! Needless to say, we absolutely adore her. 

Living in the Bay Area, we snuck up to Mt. Umunhum for a country, nature-filled feel for our shoot. Something really struck me with being surrounded by trees and tall grass for our little girl - something I hope she gets to enjoy playing in and running through as she gets older. My little wildflower! 

We received a huge amount of pictures from Michelle, so I tried to narrow it down to my favorites. 

The Outfit Breakdown: 
Dress:  Olian; total score at a clothes swap event! 
Shoes:  Corral Boots; purchased on about 5 years ago. Tried and true! 
Jewelry:  Target, Target, and more Target! 
Shirt: Mossimo Brand; Target
Jeans: Levis; Macy's
Shoes: Chucks; Tillys (his wedding shoes!) 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

We've Hit Month Seven! Well, A Couple Weeks Ago.

Ok so have you ever been in that position where you're like, oh, I should do ____. And then you wait too long, then its like, ok I should really really do ______. But then even more time passes and you're like, well crap now its just awkward if I finally do ______ after so much time? 


So, uh, here's an update. 

UPDATE! 29 Weeks! (two weeks into my third trimester!!!)

Baby is the Size of:  a butternut squash!!! She is about 2 1/2 pounds, and is just over 15 inches long. 

Baby’s New Developments (According to Baby Center): Lucy's muscles and lungs are getting ready to encounter the outside world, and her sweet little head is getting bigger. (Not too much bigger, if ya know what I mean. Lets not ruin me, child.) Her bones are hardening every day, which is why her kicks and punches feel like they could be leaving bruises.

Food Cravings: Well, frozen peas are really good. Otherwise my "cravings" have really gone out the door! Everything is delicious, as long as there's a lot of it. I was totally starving the whole week before my last check up, so I think she was going through a growth spurt!! 

Food Aversions: Eh. I'm doin ok! Spicy foods are still hard to deal with, but otherwise I'm pretty happy to eat everything and anything in front of me. Really though - I'm starving. What are you eating… can I have some? 

Most Common Symptoms: Kicks! Kicks and kicks and kicks. I read that babies are most active between 27 and 32 weeks, and she is definitely living up to that standard. I think she's finally big enough where I can really feel each movement, but small enough where she still has room to get a full swing in, with follow through. In other news, heartburn is making itself known in my life. I had ferocious heartburn a week ago, but its slowly calming down. I've been making sure to follow the protocol - lots of small meals, tons of water, sleeping with my head elevated, etc. 

What’s New: A few new things from the doctors! 
1) Took my glucose test and passed with flying colors :) Celebrated with a big fat bowl of ice cream. 

2) My red blood cell count is a smidgen too low. Not low enough to cause concern of anemia, but just low enough to encourage me to eat a lot of steak and start taking some extra iron supplements just to be safe. I've found that the slow release iron tablets are MUCH friendlier on my stomach than standard tablets.

3) During checkups, the doctor measures my "fundal height" which is the distance from my pubic bone to the top of my uterus. Typically, your fundal height is the same amount of centimeters as you are weeks. So at my 28 week checkup, I should have measured about 28 centimeters. Yeah not so much. Lucy is measuring 30, almost 31 centimeters!!! I asked if that means that she'll come early since she's measuring early, but my doctor doesn't think so. He thinks she might of just had a big growth spurt and she'll even out before my due date comes around. But you never know - maybe she'll decide to come early! 

Hopes: Hoping this bump still looks cute in a few weeks for our maternity pictures in a couple weeks!! 

Belly Button: Its completely flat. Like, not even a shallow indent. Just flat.

Ring: Still on, but getting tight on the hot days! I pampered myself with a manicure, and the lady doing my nails asked me if I could take my ring off so it wouldn't get covered in lotion. Lets just say it was embarrassing…. I almost hit her in the face trying to take off my ring. (It ended up staying on).

Best Moment of the Week:  My hubby's birthday!!! My sweet man turned another year older on Monday, and I loved celebrating it with him. He's gotten really into clay shooting, so he went with my dad on Sunday (how cute is that), and when they came home he was surprised with a patio full of streamers, string lights, and a brand new barbecue!! My mom and I decorated the whole place while they were gone, and really helped me pull it off. The bbq was a combined gift from my folks and I, and I think it was a total success!! Then on Monday he had to go to work (boo) but we went out to dinner at Black Angus and chowed down on some delicious steaks. My parents joined us for dinner as well, and then played board games with us until we had enough room in our stomachs to have homemade strawberry shortcake for dessert. I love sharing these moments with him, and I know every special moment will be that much sweeter once our little peanut is here! 

Here are some picture collages from the past few weeks - we're already loving summer! 

Celebrating Mother's Day with My Sweet Mama!
My 24-week bump!

Backyard BBQ at Jason's Parent's House!
Somehow I didn't get a picture of his folks :(
My 26 week bump!  
We Made Living-Room-Smores :)
Tea light candles, marshmallows on fire,
the smoke detector never went off. Success! 
The Big Birthday Surprise!!! Look at his face!!!

Birthday Tribute For My Sweet, Handsome Man <3
32 Never Looked So Good!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Sixth Months, and Beyond!


So. I suck at this. I'm about 3 and a half weeks behind, preeeetty much 4 weeks. But not a lot has changed, if it makes you feel any better! Trust me, there has been nothing 'show stopping' thats happened in the past few weeks!! I'll just dive right into it, and stop making excuses…

I'm not even going to try to promise I'll be on time for Tuesday. (sorry.)

UPDATE! 25 Weeks! 

Baby is the Size of:  a rutabaga!! I honestly had no idea what that was, so I had to google it. Apparently, its this: 

So, now we all learned something new. Apparently its a root, that you can eat. Although it sounds terrible. ANYWAY back to baby! She measures about 13 1/2 inches long, and weighs about a pound and a half. 

Baby’s New Developments (According to Baby Center): Lucy is looking more and more like a newborn, and fattening up by the minute! Her wrinkly skin will slowly smooth out, and she is growing more hair. Apparently if I could see in there, I could tell the color and texture of her hair! (We think its safe to assume she'll have brown hair, but who knows if it will be curly or straight!!!)

Food Cravings: Can we talk about how delicious oranges are!? Strawberries used to be my #1 pick, my VIP, my go-to for any snack. And boy, have they been shoved off the shelf. All the sudden cold, juicy oranges are total snacks of glory. Honestly I can't even explain how they're so good!!! 

Food Aversions: OH there has been one change! I no longer despise chicken. It took like, 23 weeks, but chicken is welcome in my household again. (But not every day. I still need some space, chicken.) 

Most Common Symptoms: My hormones have leveled out a little bit I think. (Cue my husband laughing). I haven't been as weepy as I was a few weeks ago, I'm getting closer to being back on track!! Otherwise, this kid is reallllly kick-y. She's getting stronger and stronger, which is awesome! I have a feeling we're going to have a very feisty girl on our hands :) 

What’s New: I had my first stranger-prediction! I got a pedicure for the first time since January, and the manicurist asked me if I was having a boy!! WRONG! She just… hangs out there.

Hopes: Hoping she keeps getting stronger and bigger!! Keep growin' baby, you're doin' fine!

Belly Button: Still in! Just getting REAL stretched out and shallow.

Ring: Still on! 

Best Moment of the Week: I've had a lot of good moments the past few weeks!! Keeping them baby-related, I think I'll have to say painting her nursery, and receiving the bassinet that we're borrowing from Tanya. To see her painted room, plus the bassinet in there, really makes it real!!! My parents ordered the crib for her room which got delivered this week to their house, so we'll be picking it up this weekend and building it in her room. I think its really going to hit me hard! 

Here's a couple before and afters of Lucille's nursery! Two walls are painted light pink, two walls are painted light grey/mauve. The grey has a pink hue to it, so it goes so well with the pink!! Once we get better lighting in there, you'll be able to see the true colors a bit more. They show up a little dark in the pictures! 

And of course, my sixth month picture :) 

Before - Tan Boring Walls.

After!! Pink and Grey!!! Perfect for Our Little Peanut!
Ready for Painting!!
Hubby's Mom Came to Help!! 
And Hubby's Dad!!! 
The Six Month Photo - Taken Week 24!! 

Friday, April 25, 2014

Cowgirl In Training

I can't believe another week has already flown by! 

And crap, I'm due for another post in like 4 days. HOW is this happening. 

This past weekend, instead of celebrating Easter like the rest of the world, my hubby and I took an amazing weekend getaway to a beautiful ranch up in Redding, Calif. We have family friends that purchased a ranch a few years ago, have adopted some horses, cows, and doggies to accompany them, and now live on a 42-acre slice of heaven. It was honestly like living in one of my very familiar day dreams. 

I'll put up some pictures at the bottom  of the post from our time!! Lucille was a great sport while mama got to pet the horses (not ride them), go kayaking, go on an ATV, learn how to throw a lasso, shoot some shotguns, play with doggies, and eat lots and lots of steak. Oh. And rellllaaaaax. That was by far the best part. 

UPDATE! 22 Weeks! (Did anyone else just have a semi-douchebag moment and think "DEUCESSSS" and throw up double peace signs in their head? No? Alright.)

Baby is the Size of:  a spaghetti squash!! Weighing in at 11 inches long, and nearly one full pound! I read another blog site (Pregnant Chicken) that informed me that my baby is the size of a fat Barbie doll. It was really awkward to think about, so I liked the spaghetti squash version a little better. 

Baby’s New Developments (According to Baby Center): Lucille is looking more and more like a miniature newborn. Her lips, eyelids, and eyebrows are becoming more distinct, and she looks undeniably like herself. No more alien baby, she's already a cutie! Her eyes have developed further, but there isn't color in her irises yet. (One of the things I can't wait for - will she have blue eyes like her mama, or deep brown like her daddy?) 

Food Cravings: Fruit!! Fruit fruit fruit. This kid loves strawberries, apricots, peaches, grapes,  blueberries, you name it. Still a little iffy on raspberries, but blackberries are back in the game. 

Food Aversions: Chicken still sucks. Oh, and last night I refused to eat anything hot. All I wanted was frozen peas. Don't judge me.

Most Common Symptoms: Guess who found her way into the hormonal, cry-y stage of pregnancy? THIS GIRL. Two nights this week have been weepy for no reason. Like, the "I'm just really tired and I don't want you to go to work tomorrow and my pjs fit funny and I don't want to lay down and we're running low on soap" kind of weepy. Oh and dear god. I watched the movie August Rush with my folks this week - this super adorable, heartwarming tale of a little boy is this total musical prodigy and he tries to find his biological parents through music and I just can't even handle it - tears. Rampant tears. Like the good, warm and fuzzy, blowing into a tissue while cry-talking "its-gasp-just-s-s-s-s-so-gasp-cuuuuuuute-sob,sob,sob." So that was fun. My parents got a good laugh out of me.

What’s New: Lucille is kicking like crazy! She's definitely getting stronger. Oh and my sweet husband finally felt her kick this weekend at the ranch!!!! 

Hopes: Uh, these emotions need to get under control. If things keep going how we're going, I'm going to be dehydrated. (And probably really annoying).

Belly Button: Still in! Just getting stretched out and shallow.

Ring: Still on! Fingers haven't swollen up yet. Feet are getting tingly though…. 

Best Moment of the Week: Best moment of the week is really hard this time. I want to say when Jason felt Lucy kick for the first time. But I also want to say relaxing, hand in hand, by the pool. I also want to say walking the ranch property, watching the dogs run around us, breathing in the fresh air and melting into the most gorgeous sunset. Can I just say the whole trip?? The ranch was the best moment of the week. 


My hubby's favorite picture <3

I can't wait to go back!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Time Traveling Baby!

Ok, so this time I delayed my post on purpose. (I swear!) 

I turned 20 weeks on Saturday (WHATS UP FIVE MONTHS!) but I knew I had a doctor's appointment on Monday, so I figured I would just hold out and wrap it all into one. 

Well then Kaiser called and rescheduled my appointment to today (Wednesday). So I swear, its not like I was slacking. I'm late blogging...on purpose? 

And honestly its a good thing that I waited! I was going to write a whole long post about being 20 weeks, and how excited I am to finally hit that big land mark. Well at our doctor appointment today, we got a big fat surprise! During our anatomical ultrasound scan where the doctor took a LOT of measurements and recordings, we found out that our sweet little lady is not just 20 weeks and 5 days like I thought she was, but actually 21 weeks and 1 day! My due date has been bumped up from the early prediction of August 30th to a final statement of approval for August 26th. Also, my week-turning-day has changed from Saturdays to Tuesdays.

So, I guess here goes the update for... 21 weeks?!?!?!! 

UPDATE! 21 Weeks! Past half way, past 5 months, flyin through time! 

Baby is the Size of:  a carrot! Ok let me explain why my child now sounds super long and skinny, and more like a broom than a baby. This whole time (up until 20 weeks) the measurements have been from head to rump. So being a mango, kiddo was short and squat. Now that her legs are proportional, measurements are from head to toes! Basically, my kid grew 5 inches in a week. She measures about 10 1/2 inches long, and weighs approximately 3/4 of a pound. 

Baby’s New Developments (According to Baby Center): Kicks. Kicks and nudges and kicks and nudges! Little flutters have turned into distinct kicks and nudges since she's gained strength, bone, and size. I should start being able to figure out a pattern or routine through the day of when I feel her. So far the only consistent kick action is around 10 to 11am, around 3:00 to 4:00, and sometimes again at night after dinner. I also always feel her when I settled down in bed for the night, I think she realizes that gravity has turned sideways. In other news, Lucille has eyebrows and eyelids, and her girly parts are forming :) 

Food Cravings: Strawberries still rock my world! Peanut M&Ms which once were like heaven are just so-so now. Don't get me wrong, I'll still rip apart that yellow bag like a ravenous beast, but I might not sprint across the apartment to get to it.  

Food Aversions: I know I've said this a hundred times now, but seriously, HOW is chicken so boring. HOW. 

Most Common Symptoms: Ok!! I get to talk about my Mumanu pillow now, right? And how its basically relieved ALL of my hip pain!?!? I was so bitter and angry about having to throw a chunk of money away on a pillow, but OH my lanta is it worth it. Its pretty much an inflatable tube that doesn't lose its shape. I can inflate it to be as high or low as I want it, ensuring customized comfort. Its maybe two to three feet in length, and fits perfectly starting at my knee and down to my ankle. The purpose of the pillow is to align my hip, knee and ankle parallel to the floor so nothing is tweaked out of alignment. With my fancy pillow I can now sleep through the night comfortably, and I'm able to wake up in the morning without feeling like my entire hip joint is out of its socket. 

What’s New: Uh, the fact that this kid just jumped a week in progression is pretty cool.

Hopes: I've been using Burts Bee's unscented body lotion on my belly since I found out I was pregnant, and I recently purchased Palmer's Belly Butter to test out. I'm on the fence about it; it feels really greasy going on - the kind of greasy feel that you wonder if it will stain your clothes. Then after it rubs in, it leaves an invisible film on your tummy that causes friction when you run your hand across it. I'm used to the velvety soft lotion feel, and this friction, stuck feeling just doesn't provide that luxurious feel. I'm hoping that I either get used to it, or find something better to help prevent stretch marks! 

Belly Button: Still in! Just getting stretched out and shallow.

Ring: Still on! Fingers haven't swollen up yet.

Best Moment of the Week: Definitely seeing our little lady today. She's so stinkin cute!!! And it was also beyond exciting that we can expect her 4 days sooner than originally thought! Who knows if Mother Nature will give two hoots about the date change, but its still fun to cross days off your countdown without even trying :) 

My friends on facebook have already seen my preggo pic, but here's a fun ultrasound pic from today as well. I think she has my nose :) 

1/2 cooked baby!

The only clear shot we got of Peanut's face!

Well this mama is tired, and the little wiggle worm keeps kicking. Maybe if I settle down for bed she will too! 

...or not. Probably not. 

Friday, April 4, 2014

Such is Mango!

GAH I'm the worst blogger ever. 

Soooo, week 18 flew by. Packing, moving slowly, new job, the works. Somehow blogging didn't quite make it into my schedule, I'm sorry! I've gotten nailed by a few friends now with "SO…ABOUT THAT BLOG YOU HAVEN'T UPDATED." …Can I hide in the corner and blame preggo brain yet?!

Well, here we go! 


Baby is the Size of:  a MANGO! If you didn't think of this Mango instantly, we can't be friends anymore. Anyway, our little girl is weighing in at about half a pound, and six inches long. 

Baby’s New Developments (According to Baby Center): Lucy's legs and arms are fully proportional to her body, and all her organs have been created and ready to go. They just need some finalizing and fattening up! Her sensory pallet is exploding right now - everything from her eyesight to hearing to tasting to touching. She is completely in control of her movements now, so she can willingly kick and punch me as much as her little heart desires. Ahem. This is where we decide how much she really loves me back.

Food Cravings: I'm back on a fruit trend! Strawberries are our favorite (I saw our since she gets REAL excited when she gets strawberries), and she also loves blueberries, kiwis, and cold oranges. Also, phish food ice cream and frozen thin mints.  

Food Aversions: I am the biggest wuss when it comes to spices now! Like, the embarrassing level of gringo-spice-intolerant. And it took so long to build up my abilities…. 

Most Common Symptoms: Hip pain. Freaking hip pain. I've done some research on it, and apparently I can blame my lovely hormone increase of 'relaxin.' (I'm not even kidding - there's a hormone that makes it sound like I should be super chill right now. Too bad its TOTALLY not the kind of relaxing I want, Frankie.) Aside from my rant, relaxin is the hormone that physically relaxes my muscles and ligaments. The ligaments in my hips that would normal be tight enough to keep my hips aligned have now taken a chill pill, and my hips are slipping out of alignment. Sleeping on my side has become literally excruciating, so I'm forced to sleep on my back. I think I have a little more time till its OFFICIALLY a no-no for baby (sleeping on your back reduces blood flow to the bebe) but its still nerve racking. 

What’s New: My belly! Well, obviously its not new, but its bigger. Like, taking-on-new-territory bigger.

Hopes: I bought a Mumanu pillow that just got delivered today!! I'll be testing this bad boy out tonight to see if it helps alleviate my hip pain, and actually be able to sleep through the night. Instead of a typical body pillow that can be bulky, hot, lose its shape and flatten out, this pillow is self-inflating and more of a squishy air tube than a conventional pillow. I can release air to make it thin out, or let it inflate itself till its nice and fat. The goal is to keep my hip, knee, and ankle in line, which is damn near impossible with a conventional pillow. Cross your fingers for me - this thing might keep me from going crazy in the next 4 1/2 months. 

Intuitions: …Should I change this category? I feel like I should change this. I know its a girl. 

Best Moment of the Week: Beside seeing my Mumanu pillow delivered on my door this afternoon?! My glimmer of hope!? My new best friend that might be more important to have in my bed than my husband? (Too far?) Well, this week has been busy! We're slowly moving over to our two bedroom apartment, so I've been packing and dragging things over. Its really exciting to see Lucille's room slowly have more and more things added to it. A huge gigantic thank you to Tanya for lending us TONS of baby stuff; I don't know what we'd do without you! I promise I'll keep it all in good condition for whenever babe #2 comes around!

And time for a big collective group "thaaank you kaaatyyy" for taking a selfie right now PURELY for your blog-reading pleasure. Not only am I a week late, but to also not give a picture would be total cruelty, amiright, you little stalkers? 

This is what 19 wks & tired looks like.

Alrighty, I'll do my best to promise you an entry next week. Maybe it will be sooner, maybe I'll fail at life again. And I'll either be ecstatic or enraged at the success or fail of my $80 freakin pillow. Remind me to tell ya'll about that.

And one more for good luck. You can not have the Mango! 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

Ok, I know, I know. I'm super late posting. Sorry.

But this week has been huge!! I've been a liiiiiittle distracted figuring out the rest of my life. I know that sounds really dramatic, but holy cow, one little piece of information goes a long way!!

Early last week (Monday) Jason, Peanut and I had a very good doctor's check up! We got to hear Peanut's heartbeat, and even see her on an ultrasound. Now don't get me wrong - 16 weeks is a great time to find out if its a girl or boy --- amiright --- but the ultrasound machine that the doc used on Monday is typically used for very early pregnancies. Pretty much a "is there somebody in there, or is this going to get really bad really fast" kind of screening. So, while we weren't able to see our Peanut's secret baby parts, we were able to see how big she's gotten! And this kid is seriously huge! As in, "my whole body doesn't even fit on the ultrasound screen" kind of big. Here's what we saw:

Whats Up Baby Spine!?
For anyone confused at what you're looking at, Peanut is facing straight down, head on the left, butt on the right. Spine curving along the top. The legs don't even fit on the screen! 

So, even though we were super happy to hear that Peanut was doing well, we were still itching to know if baby is Peanut, or Peanutte. Boy, or girl. Firetrucks, or glitter. You get my drift. Welllllp, it was a good thing that we made a backup appointment at Baby Imagine, just in case!! 

Yes - we had a backup appointment scheduled at a 3D/4D ultrasound clinic, just in case we didn't find out on Monday. Seriously, the best idea we've ever had. We had an AMAZING experience with them - they were so so nice, and we got exactly what we were hoping!! For $99, we found out the sex of our baby, received slew of printed pictures, along with a DVD of our entire ultrasound set to music. If you're looking for a great experience with great results, I can't recommend them any higher!! 

As soon as the ultrasound technician put the wand to my belly, the very first view was a total up-skirt shot. We knew within 10 seconds of the ultrasound that Peanut is a GIRL!!!!!! Our little Peanut suddenly became so so real, with a huge story ready for us to enjoy. I lost it (obviously) and hubby sat in amazed shock for a moment, before jumping up to hug me and joining me in staring at the TV screen with ear-to-ear goober smiles. We both had been hoping and praying for a little girl, and all our dreams have come true!!! 

Here's a few shots of our little lady! 

Waving Hello!
Little Hands

Already the Drama Queen, Posing for Pictures!

Playing Peekaboo… by Herself.

There are simply no words to describe what its like to truly see your baby for the first time - even via ultrasound. We were able to watch her move and squirm in real time, and I've never been filled with more joy. Having my husband by my side, my little girl waving hello and sucking her thumb, its amazing I was able to even see anything through the tears. This little girl is already bringing me so much happiness, I can't wait to meet her! 

The ultrasound tech told us she's already gaining her baby fat! Usually babies at 17 weeks are still very skeletal, and a little alien looking. Our baby already has some chubby cheeks, and baby fat sticking to her bones. From what our technician is predicting, Peanut will be tall, have my nose, and be a little chunker when she's born! And after hearing about our family genetics for eye color, she has a pretty good chance getting my blue eyes :) 

We're on our way into week 18, where I'll pick up my weekly report. But in the meantime, Jason and I will be celebrating our little Lucille Marie! See ya'll soon! 

Mommy, Daddy & Little Lucy!